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Our philosophy of care.

Tavey House aims to be at the forefront in promoting independent living in a caring family environment. It aims at providing excellent care whilst respecting the individuality, privacy, dignity and rights of the home’s residents. The objective is to enhance the quality of life by providing a safe,

homely and comfortable environment with support and stimulation to maximise their physical, social and emotional capacity.


Excellence in care is driven by a set of care values.

Our care values are:

  • Showing respect, tolerance and valuing our residents for who they are.

  • Recognising individuality and helping our residents to feel good about themselves.

  • Respecting rights and freedom of expression.

  • Giving choices and respecting the choices of our residents.

  • Maintaining condentiality and respecting privacy in personal hygiene, relationships and all aspects of care.

  • Encouraging independence and promoting self-worth.

  • Preserving dignity in behaviour, dress and all our practices.

  • Working in partnership and maintaining communication with our residents, their relatives and professional bodies.


Tavey House believes caring is a practical activity and competence is judged by what a member of staff does in practice. It is the realistic approach of staff that delivers excellence to meet the needs of our residents. Thus, practical and pragmatic social care knowledge, skills and attitudes are expected

from all staff, to maintain our residential services as welcoming, pleasant, relaxed and professional.

Our care principles & planning

Degree of Care Offered

Tavey House provides long term and respite care for people aged 65 and over. The care home is not registered to provide nursing care. It cares for a mixed ability group of residents, who all have a varying degree of Dementia and/ or Mental Health problems.

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"Friends and family are welcome to visit anytime"

Care Principles

Residents are entitled to a holistic care provision which includes their physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual and psychological needs. Care is centred on each resident’s personal needs.


Every resident is entitled to the same rights they would expect in their own home. Promoting independence and personal choice is vital and this sometimes involves an element of risk; although the home will do its best to minimise risk whilst maximising the residents’ independence.


All staff try to ensure that every resident is treated with dignity and respect and that privacy is maintained regardless of physical or mental disability. Residents are addressed by their preferred name as they request. Staff knock and wait for permission before entering the residents’ rooms whenever possible. Staff give every resident maximum privacy and discretion when assisting with their personal and medical needs. Staff may not discuss the private affairs of any resident with a third party, nor offer comment or opinion on any matter relating to their work. The home is legally obliged to protect personal information under the data protection act, 1998.


Care Planning

Personal care is individually tailored to the physical, social and emotional needs of each resident. Wherever possible, residents and their immediate family, professional bodies and friends participate in the formulation and delivery of care. Individual needs are met through a continual process of assessment, care planning and reviews starting prior to admission. Trained staff are personally involved in, and supervise, all the care delivered in the home including monitoring and reassessing needs on a daily basis. Care plans are reviewed monthly, and any change in condition is recorded and dealt with appropriately.

Medical Practitioners

Medical practitioners, care managers and community nurses are regular visitors to the home and are involved in the ongoing process of care planning. Residents have the right to consult and be registered with the medical practitioner of their choice.


Anyone moving into the area may wish to consider registering with a local practice to allow ease of visiting, but this is entirely a matter of personal choice and a private arrangement between residents and their General Practitioner.



Meals, Snacks & Beverages

Two menu options are available at every meal, and for those who prefer an alternative to those listed, something else will be cooked to their choice. Staff and management consult with residents regularly to ascertain their preferences and to discuss menu requests. Meals may be taken in the dining room, sitting rooms or in private rooms, according to preference.


Information is kept on special diets, food allergies and special feeding requirements, and regularly updated in co-operation with the care staff to ensure the best possible individual nutrition and enjoyment.


Snacks and beverages are available on request 24 hours a day. All care staff undergo food safety training.


Alcoholic beverages can be provided for those who, for example, like a small sherry before their meal or a whisky at bedtime, provided of course that there is no conict with medical treatments. Alcoholic drinks need to be provided by the resident or their relatives, or they can be purchased by the home and added to the residents’ account.



Religious, Spiritual & Cultural Needs

Every effort is made to accommodate residents’ religious and spiritual requirements, including dietary preferences. Regular communion and seasonal services are held, and ministers of religion of all denominations visit the home upon request.


Staff are sensitive to the delivery of care in relation to racial, cultural and religious needs. Clients with different ethnic backgrounds must be able to feel that staff respond willingly to their needs, and understand the value of maintaining a sense of continuity and identity, based on past traditions and practices.



Social Events & Activities

Tavey House believes that having social contact is a crucial part of living a fullled and healthy life. The home will do its best to provide opportunities for residents to mix and seek friendship and pleasure in each other’s company and in the company of their friends and relatives.


Residents are consulted individually in relation to their interests and wishes regarding social activities as part of the care planning process and at regular residents meetings. We do take our Residents out for shopping, dining and outings as per their interests and/or requests.


We have in house activities on a daily basis. Individualised activities are tailored to each resident’s needs, and are especially valuable for those who are unwilling or unable to participate in organised group activities.



Ancillary Services

Additional services such as chiropody and hairdressing are available. Ophthalmology, dentistry etc. are available on request from local providers. Most will visit residents in the home, although very occasionally a resident may need to travel to their place of practice, in which case the home will provide an escort and arrange suitable transport, which will be chargeable.





Fire Policy

The home operates re prevention and safety procedures. Please observe all re notices. In the unlikely event of a re please be prepared to be guided by staff.








For reasons of comfort and safety, smoking is not permitted in the building. Residents may smoke outside subject to a risk assessment of their ability to smoke independently.








We accept the importance that pets can play in peoples lives and therefore we are happy to consider accommodating small pets such as budgerigars or parrots. Larger pets can visit the home by arrangement, but must be kept on a lead at all times. Responsibility for feeding and upkeep of the pet must be entirely the owners. Any potential resident wishing to bring a pet should discuss the matter with the manager.







Visiting hours are unrestricted, although it is preferable to avoid times when residents may be sleeping or at meal times. However it can be arranged for visitors to join residents for meals, with prior notice. In order to comply with the re regulations, all visitors are required to register their presence in the visitors’ book in the main entrance, both on arrival and on leaving the home.


Many residents enjoy an outing with family and friends. However, we do appreciate knowing in advance when someone is going to be taken out. Please consult the staff, so that we can ensure the resident is appropriately dressed in time to go out, and that medication and any other personal needs are organised.

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